Here I Go Again

I've been at this, off and on, for over 20 years now and have not been able to develop the blogging habit. Oh I've had some decent tries, for one, a Geeklog technical blog that I put together during the long winters of Whitefish, Montana around 2001 stands out. However I just didn't seem to have enough time with living my life at trans-sonic speed and hair on fire. Now that I'm settling down for the longest of winters I thought I might be more successful so "Here I go again".

This place is where I'll try to document some of my experiences, hopes, disappointments, ideas and anything else that comes to mind. I realize though that being only an apprentice author this may well be not much of a read for most. Take heart though I do have some friends I may invite to author to add some spice that might save this effort.

It's worth mentioning that the backdrop here is a panorama of Bimerick Meadows in North Central Idaho. A place I find worth rough riding for an hour through back country to fish, photograph, experience natural silence, be harassed by wolves/bears/cougars at night, drink purest water and breath fresh clean air.